Security Solutions

Security solutions refers to the techniques, technologies, and devices used to implement security in any application that performs a transaction with a user's personal information, such as financial, bank, or credit card data. With increasing worldwide penetration of e-commerce, the need to implement higher and better security measures is constantly increasing. Paper-based security methods, such as using an identity card to validate a user, are being phased out, and are globally being replaced with electronic security techniques. Several technologies, such as smart cards, and NFC, are at the forefront of this transformation.

Smart cards are the dominant technology through which electronic security solutions are implemented. They are used by almost every industry segment, such as banking and finance, logistics, healthcare, and transport, among others. Smart cards are also used to implement electronic identity cards capable of storing various types of data for the user. The latest generation of official documents, such as passports, also contains embedded smart cards, making them more secure and difficult to forge. Current generation smart cards contain a combination of an embedded microprocessor/microcontroller, along with ROM and flash memory. The amount of memory depends upon the intended area of deployment for the card. Smart cards are extensively used to provide security solutions using mobile devices as well, in the form of mobile SIM cards, which are now available with increased memory as mobile services move from 2G to 3G/4G standards and networks. Within mobile devices, SIM cards are presently being used as payment gateways and for performing secure transactions.

The recent introduction and development of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has augmented the use of handheld devices for making secure purchases and transactions. NFC enables automatic configuration and short-range (up to 10 cm or 4 inches) wireless communication between NFC enabled devices, such as smartphones. NFC enabled smartphones can act as contactless payment cards, for safe and secure purchases and transactions within retail facilities and transportation systems.

Samsung is a worldwide leader in providing the most advanced semiconductor-based security solutions. Samsung security solutions contain the most advanced features, such as data encryption, along with high-density flash memory that provide sufficient capacity to store several details about the user. Samsung smart card and NFC solutions are enabling the realization of next generation security for applications, such as electronic passports, banking and finance, logistics, and retail. Worldwide, designers, developers, and system integrators prefer Samsung solutions for implementing the highest levels of security in their applications.